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Abode's Journal
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Thursday, December 26th, 2002
7:10 pm
State of the mux
Belated happy holidays to all! I meant to post about the downtime on the mux before leaving, but too many other things crowded it out of my mind. We're back now, though!

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Monday, October 14th, 2002
1:00 am
Oh, and the webpage...
Did I mention that I finally put up Sheevens webpage? It needs a bit of tweaking still (I had trouble with one of the graphics), but otherwise very nice!

12:13 am
Tanist/Hill Elf history
I finally got around to reworking the Tanist history properly and adding names. I'd be much obliged you'd let me know if any of these names are too weird -- I know my subconscious plays tricks on me sometimes when I'm naming chars :)


10,000 years ago the High Ones crash landed on this world, the survivors of the crash scattered, running for their lives. One band ran farther than the rest. Five elves, two preservers and three trolls together ran as far as legs could carry, rested and continued running.

They were led by the elf Adeen. Every time they would stop in a likely spot and his followers would mention staying here, resting, building shelters... Adeen would shake his head and demand they go on. Haunted by the memory of the destruction he left behind... it's possible Adeen would never have been satisfied so long as there existed a place farther away to go to. Travel was not easy for the band, there were many deaths as well as births as the long years passed.

Adeen recognized Kayrah, Kayrah was the warrior of the group, one of the staunches supporters of stopping, forming a stronghold on this world. She, amongst other skills, was a metal shaper forming her sword in a moment of need. She died defending her mate and child, buying precious time for the band to continue on. When they finally arrived in this land, only Adeen remaind of the original band, and the two preservers, of course. The trolls children's children still travelled with them as well.

Grieving Kayrah's loss, Adeen declaired one fateful evening as he and his ragged band took shelter in a cave that here they would stop running. For now at least. Everyone else was relieved that finally, there may be an end to the running. With elven magic and trollish might a home started to be carved from the living stone. It was busy work, with the planting of gardens, exploring of the new territory and whatnot... no one noticed Adeen's departure. One day he was there brooding in the main cavern... the next gone. The elves were left leaderless... eyes turned to Adeen's daughter, Raylee.

Raylee was a healer, gentle and melencholy herself. She had witnessed so many deaths, watched her elders die and now her father abandoned her... she looked to her people and made her first proclaimation: no more. No more would they run, this place would be their new home, their stronghold in this world. They were the Heirs to a great and glorious heritage and would reclaim it here. Raylee's rule was long and peaceful. Always reluctant as their leader she created a council of advisors to help her and distance herself from the role. She created three offices.

The first was the Chancellor, to maintain the daily needs of the hold, keep track of food stores and the roofs from leaking. The second was the Protector, to hold her mother's bronze sword and stand between the people and harm and hunt for good meat in the wilds. The third was the Censor to keep an eye within and make sure all stayed healthy and all jobs were done.

The trolls had been dwelling in discontent with the elves, and noted with scowls how all the leaders chosen happened to be elves. Their eldest male came to Raylee and stated rather flatly that he was leaving and taking his kin with him with or without her blessing. Reluctantly the elvish council agreed to let the trolls go. Not long after disaster struck. The Protector was never satisfied that it was indeed an accident, though there was no evidence of wrongdoing. A stone which had balanced atop another for centuries in peace chose the exact wrong time to tumble from its place, crushing Raylee beyond magic's ability to heal.

The elves, who had begun to call themselves the Tanists in honor of Raylee's declairation of their heritage, fell into chaos and disarray. For all her careful planning Raylee had never named a sucessor. She had two living children, but neither was a strong leader, and there were the members of the council to consider as well. The conflict over sucession nearly fell into Civil war when at last Orweyn stepped forward, the previous Protector he was enigmatic and strong, and had a few very loyal followers who helped solidify his claim. He also was a direct descendant of Kayrah.

Once his rule became fact, Orweyn sat in council with Kayrah's sword across his lap and decreed a new method of choosing the Lord Tanista based upon birth, distance in lineage from the High Ones, demonstrated skill and service. He was a decisive ruler and almost fanatical about the security of his realm. He created the offices of Shaper and Gardener under the Chancellor and added the office of Huntress under the Protector, and the office of Healer under the Censor. A ninth council position was made as well... one despirately needed with the ever growing buroucracy.

The Chanter was its own office, considered to be neutral in any despute (meaning ultimately that he could not make any claims in his own defense either), keeping track of the oaths of feality and sucession process. The Chanter is outside the chain, and can never become Tanista. There was some trouble with the local humans at this time, encroaching upon the elfin territory, Orweyn was as effective a warlord as a leader and ruthlessly persecuted any human who dared set foot on elvin soil. It is he who had the standing stones errected, warning all that they entered Tanist territory. The humans were not many in number and they learned the lesson well... moving their settlement farther away into the marshes.

Orweyn never gave up the hunt or practice of weapons so his death on the hunt was not entirely suprising. For once the sucession was smooth, Sheeven seemlessly placed into power. She was interested in diplomacy... and attempted to regain contact with the trolls, for all their brutishness the creatures were useful and should by rights be her subjects. All went well until the sea elves arrived. Sheeven's Lord Protector was leery of conflict, his predecessor under Orweyn fought many battles, but this Protector enjoyed the waging of peace more. He barely knew how to swing a sword. He advised avoiding the new elves.. perhaps they'd go away on their own.

The Censor at this time was a sinister fellow... he had challenged Orweyn for the title of Tanista and found himself neatly removed from the chain of sucession by his rules, being fairly young at the time and not at all related to Adeen. His twarted ambitions found him slowly suceeding to the office of Censor... and now that he had it, he was the first to realize that office's true potential.

Years pass and the sea elves do not go away. They form a village on Long Lake, settle down and have the gall to believe they have a claim to this land. Finally Sheeven bows to inevitability and goes down to their village to officially welcome them to Tanist lands. The meeting does not go well. As often happens when two separate genetic chains of elves meet, recognition strikes. Sheeven recognizes the child of their Chief. She retreats back to the Hold to have the child.

A few years later a monsoon comes. The Lake elf village was nearly destroyed by the strong winds and rough waves, and their chief killed. The new chief, no longer held in check by his parent and near mad with grief comes to the Tanists demanding his child. Sheeven refuses, the child is in the line of sucession, may have a claim on the throne some day and should be raised as a Tanist. Some say her Censor held a heavy hand in her decision. The conflict grows and nearly comes to blows when the child decides to take actions into his/her own hands and sneaks out of the hold, down to the Lake elves village and saying that he/she will live with them now, learn their ways for the price of peace.

Unfortunately, she didn't leave word with the Tanists that she was doing this. Sheeven jumps to the worst possible conclusion... that her child has been kidnapped by the Lake Elves. A party of warriors marches on the Lake. The battle was short, tragic. In the end the truth was revealed and the Tanists retreated in shame. Sheeven gave up her title, retreating from the rest of the elves unfit to rule. The Censor suceeded to the throne and rules to this day.

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Monday, September 23rd, 2002
11:49 am
My computer literally went up in flames last week, and I've no idea when I'll get it repaired (or more likely, get a new one). Thus I'll be absent for a while longer since I can't connect from work. :(

And the really annoying thing is that I had the lovely webpages Sheeven designed for the mux all edited and nice apart from the little problem of renaming 'name1' and company. I decided to wait on uploading them until I had the names in, which means the pages all most likley died with my computer. So I really hope that a) Sheeven still has her copy of the pages and b) that somebody has an offline copy of the Tanist/hill elf history since I don't think I've actually taken a backup of my computer this year. (Muttermuttermutter....)

See you again as soon as possible...

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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
9:16 pm
I am baaaaaaack!!!!
Yes, I am back to terrorize you and bring you sweet pleasures of little deaths...
Err. Or something like that ^_^

Well, I am back and look forward for RP!

-Sheeven and Clawthorn
Saturday, August 17th, 2002
9:22 pm
Rather overdue, but here's a small update:

The Censor of the Tanists has brought the local human (Sidarius) with him a voyage to the edge of the sea. It is unknown how long they will be away. Meanwhile, Sheeven and Nanlee are left to run the city.
Perhaps the good Censor needs a rest from the internal tensions withint the recently re-established triumvirate, now that Sheeven has decided to take up the mantle of ruler again?

The human village is quiet, the villagers tending to their huts, weaving baskets, fishing and gathering as they always do. The tribal totem preserver Buzzwing is present and cheerful as ever, keeping the villagers confident that the spirits are watching over them.

The lake elves, however, have seen the largest disturbance since the return of Sheeven's half-breed child to dwell on their rafts. In short order no less than three elves from the distant lands across the sea have been stranded on their shores. They have given their names as Tsoran, Orenth and Leafshimmer. Though not travelling together, these elves seem to know each other from old, and are on less than friendly terms.
All three have been given protection and healing with the lake elves, on orders of the chief Cialle. Tsoran in particular has offered his services to the chief, apparently already quite devoted to his newfound homeland. Orenth and Leafshimmer, however, have reason to think otherwise...

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
11:15 am
One last thing before I vanish into the Mush called RealLife
This is the entrance picture to Abode's (coming) Homepage. I also have set up the construct of the (coming) Homepage under


If you'd like to contribute something to the Homepage (text, pictures, logs, whatever) email me to kiyn@gmx.de

Our race is of one heart and one mind, no matter the circumstances which shape our behaviour or our bodies...
Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002
6:35 pm
Absinthe... er, Absent!
Due RL circumstances I won't be online in August, at least not for roleplaying, but I will be able to check my E-mail. (kiyn@gmx.de)

If there is anything important, just send me an E-mail.

I will leave my town next Wednesday, so you have time til then to rp with me :)


I will miss all of you =)


-Sheeven & Clawthorn

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Monday, July 22nd, 2002
7:25 pm
Heya folks =)

As you did know (or not) I am working on the Abode Homepage - and I have a screenshot for you so that you can take a look at it =)
It's just the design, no information on it yet :)
If you think something is missing about design, or if you'd like to see something else there or have an idea, send me an e-mail!

I don't have the okay of Storm yet, but I hope she will like it.
And, of course, you can also raise your voice if you like it or not =)

Here's the screenshot:

Screenshot on the design of Abode's Homepage


Monday, July 15th, 2002
5:25 pm
Vacation time
I'll be absent for most of the next two weeks, going down south to visit offline family. Have a wonderful summer, all!

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Saturday, July 6th, 2002
7:33 pm
Abode's Homepage
Yep, I am almost finished with the homepage, there are just some things that I need to do, one is drawing a picture of a Tanist, and Storm has to decide on a background =)
Else form that information has to be added, but the basic framework is done =)

Fear me! Mwuahahaha
Thursday, June 20th, 2002
8:25 pm
So, yes, so what?
Just a quick note that Clawthorn is Lead Hunter of the Lake Elves - so if you wish to have a big hunt party or something, send a mail to her :)
Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
2:08 pm
Lake Elf Info
Okay Ladies and Gents, this will be spammy, but hopefully I managed to get the cut right... if not, then it will be really spammy. Storm requested I post the Lake elf info here. There is an info object on Abode for anyone who wishes to read it.... but here goes.

A crash... blinding light... Pain... it was a new feeling for the High Ones... a new experience. With it came terror... fear... panic... confusion... chaos. Fleeing in all different directions some High Ones would get lucky and regroup as they fled from the barbaric humans and the slaughter of their brethren. One group of High Ones was chased, pursued, to the shores of the land. The humans only stopping when the High Ones took to the water and disappeared, some changing themselves and some requiring assistance as their magic did not flow well here. Even though the humans did not pursue further, other things lurked in the water and the group continued to flee until they reached a distant shore and a place under the waves that seemed safe to them.

It was along this shore that they stayed, finding companions in the wavedancers... peaceful creatures of the water, their nature appealing to the rattled High Ones. Sure there were dangers still to be found in the waters, but they and their preserver companions learned to defend themselves against those and erect barriers to keep out the most persistent of foes. Beneath the waves there were no humans... Here the High Ones could once again find some sense of peace.

Read more...Collapse )

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Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
6:51 pm
Testing, testing
Seems people are having trouble posting to the community. Testing, testing...
Monday, June 10th, 2002
11:55 am
Let's try this
Hopefully this is a hello all... I am Winter, Wizard of Abode. I also play Ciall, chieftess of the Lake Elves... So all Lake Elves questions should go to me... I think. (Gee I hope I can answer them) :)

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Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
11:07 pm
I have found out how to use this, gosh, cool =)))

Okay, here I am, Sheeven, Chancellor of the Tanists! Mwuahaha.
If you want to view me offline, you can go to this page and view my history + picture + @desc.

Look out for me, or I will come at night and creep into your dreams ;)
11:04 pm
Testing, testing...
Highone, Winterwiz and Sheeven should have posting access now. Ping?

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002
7:47 pm
Hello World
Welcome to the Abode Mux LiveJournal. I'll try to post relevant news about the mux here for reference and debate -- it's so much easier than updating the homepage proper.
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